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Abbreviation that tourist (or expat) should know when you are in Malaysia

First time in Malaysia? Or still confuse on the Malaysian’s signboard? Let’s find what does it mean:

1. JLN – It’s JALAN (Road), e.g. JLN TUN RAZAK

2. KG – It’s Kampung (Village), e.g. KG. BARU


3. LRG – It’s LORONG (Street), e.g. LRG. Petaling

4. TMN – It’s TAMAN (Park/Residential Area), e.g. TMN. Negara (National Park) or TMN. TDI (TDI Residential Area)

5. BKT – It’s BUKIT (Hill), e.g BKT Bintang (Star Hill), BKT. Fraser (Fraser Hill)

6. K.X – The first ‘K’ – It’s Kuala (confluence), e.g. K.LUMPUR, K.Terengganu

7. BT – It’s BATU (miles), e.g. BATU Lima (5th miles)

8. L/Raya – It’s LEBUHRAYA (Highway), e.g. L/RAYA Pantai Timur (East Coast Highway)

9. SEK – It’s SEKOLAH (School) or SEKSYEN (Section), e.g SEK.KEB (S.K – National School) or SEK 9 (9th Section)

10. BDR. – It’s Bandar (City), e.g BDR.TUN RAZAK

11. SG. – It’s SUNGAI (River), e.g SUNGAI Buloh (name of a place) or SG. Gombak (Gombak’s River)

12. TG. – It’s TANJUNG (Cape), e.g. TANJUNG SEPATĀ 

OK. That’s only 12! You need to know more? Or u know more than this? Just leave your comment =)

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