Abbreviation that tourist (or expat) should know when you are in Malaysia

03 Jan

First time in Malaysia? Or still confuse on the Malaysian’s signboard? Let’s find what does it mean:

1. JLN – It’s JALAN (Road), e.g. JLN TUN RAZAK

2. KG – It’s Kampung (Village), e.g. KG. BARU


3. LRG – It’s LORONG (Street), e.g. LRG. Petaling

4. TMN – It’s TAMAN (Park/Residential Area), e.g. TMN. Negara (National Park) or TMN. TDI (TDI Residential Area)

5. BKT – It’s BUKIT (Hill), e.g BKT Bintang (Star Hill), BKT. Fraser (Fraser Hill)

6. K.X – The first ‘K’ – It’s Kuala (confluence), e.g. K.LUMPUR, K.Terengganu

7. BT – It’s BATU (miles), e.g. BATU Lima (5th miles)

8. L/Raya – It’s LEBUHRAYA (Highway), e.g. L/RAYA Pantai Timur (East Coast Highway)

9. SEK – It’s SEKOLAH (School) or SEKSYEN (Section), e.g SEK.KEB (S.K – National School) or SEK 9 (9th Section)

10. BDR. – It’s Bandar (City), e.g BDR.TUN RAZAK

11. SG. – It’s SUNGAI (River), e.g SUNGAI Buloh (name of a place) or SG. Gombak (Gombak’s River)

12. TG. – It’s TANJUNG (Cape), e.g. TANJUNG SEPAT 

OK. That’s only 12! You need to know more? Or u know more than this? Just leave your comment =)

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